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Knights Templar Crusader Bronze Sculpture Signed Giancarlo Le Preur Medieval 34"

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Large Knights Templar Crusader Bronze Sculpture Signed By Giancarlo Le Preur Valiant Knight Warrior Medieval Chivalry Heroism 34"

40 lbs

Evoke the valor and spirit of the Crusaders with this magnificent bronze sculpture signed by Giancarlo, bearing the evocative title "Le Preur" on the front, which translates to "The Valiant" in French. Standing proudly at 34 inches tall and weighing a substantial 40 lbs, this sculpture encapsulates the essence of medieval chivalry and heroism. Cast using the ancient "Lost Wax Method" it stands on a solid black marble base.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the armored knight commands attention as he stands atop a sleek marble base. His sturdy armor, adorned with a prominent cross on the front and back, symbolizes his dedication to his faith and cause. The knight's powerful stance, sword held downward with unwavering determination, captures a moment of resolute bravery frozen in time.

This exceptional bronze sculpture not only pays tribute to the gallant spirit of the Crusaders but also serves as a captivating piece of art that enriches any space. Whether displayed in a private collection, gallery, or as a statement centerpiece, this Giancarlo-signed masterpiece invites you to embrace the courage and honor of a bygone era.

Pre-owned. Good condition with some wear/scuffs and markings. Review photos for details

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Knights Templar Crusader Bronze Sculpture Signed Giancarlo Le Preur Medieval 34"

$1,899.99 USD

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